Brandog is committed to provide our customers a highly creative and professional service. Our staff, in-house resources and first class customer service means that we can offer you a one–stop–shopping experience that is incomparable.

Brandog's Ideas

We’d be more than happy to brainstorm some tailored ideas for you, of course while taking into account your business's success.

Branded Merchandise

We offer thousands of branded promotional items at competitive prices. Please browse our items and send us any inquiries you may have.

Custom Made Products

Our broad network of suppliers and factories allow us to locate and identify the products best suited for your specific needs. We can tailor any brand idea especially for your business clientele.

Merchandise Management

We give our clients the ability to control the purchase and distribution of their branded promotional products. Being fully transparent throughout the process.

In-House Design

Our team of graphic designers have extensive artistic and creative experience and carry out all of our artwork requirements in-house.

Global Sourcing

Our broad networks of approved and verified suppliers cover most product categories and manufacturing processes, but no worries, we are able to find solutions no matter what.

Fulfilment & Distribution

Our global merchandise solutions have been specifically designed to get your merchandise to market effectively and efficiently.

Branding Advice

A partner like Brandog ensures that your brand gets the respect and attention it deserves.

Brand Indentity

Our designers would be more than delighted to create or redesign your logo for your business or even create a new brand identity from scratch.